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* accommodation: (first floor) rooms for 1-3 persons with bathroom, TV-Sat, internet,
* accommodation: (attic) rooms for 1-2 persons with shared bathroom, TV, internet,
* parking: parking spaces for cars and buses,
* living room: a meeting place and a dining room for household members and guests (for up to 30 people),
* TV lounge: room for about 20 people, multimedia, 160 ″ screen,
* fireplace room: … with a fireplace and comfortable seats for several or a dozen people,
* billiard room: (basement) room with a 9ft table for amateur „eight” duels,
* bar room: (cellars) tea, coffee and music, a social meeting place for approx. 30 people,
* sauna: (basement) a four-person sauna heated with infrared heaters,
* in the immediate vicinity of the house there is a fish pond of about 1,200 sq m with a small boat,
* grill, bonfire: in the habitat we provide a mobile grill and a place for a bonfire